What is Pixar Putt?

Pixar Putt is a themed pop-up mini-golf course made up of 18 fun and interactive holes, inspired by the stories, characters and icons from some of Pixar’s most beloved films including Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Coco, Monsters, Inc., Ratatouille, A Bug’s Life, Wall-E, Inside Out and the most recent hit, Onward. Come and try out 9 or 18 holes of whimsical golfing fun.


Is Pixar Putt just for kids?

Pixar Putt is for everyone. The course is quirky, fun and a challenge for adults as well as kids.


What characters will be there?

No live characters will appear at Pixar Putt, but there is a photo opportunity with some Pixar favourite statues to check out as you enter.


Do I need to bring anything?

We provide golf clubs, golf balls, score cards, pencils and hand sanitiser around the course. It is an outdoor event, so be sure to bring a water bottle and clothing that suits the temperature of the day - layers if it’s cool, or sunscreen and hat if it’s warm. And it is (mini-) golf, so there can be lots of standing! Be sure to wear comfortable shoes. 


Is Pixar Putt COVIDSafe?

By its very nature, Pixar Putt is physically distanced! The safety of patrons and staff is top priority and Pixar Putt will operate with a commitment to a COVIDSafe environment. Pixar Putt’s COVIDSafe measures include capped player numbers on the course; sanitiser stations located on-site; physical distancing measures everywhere possible; plus sanitising of all golfing equipment between users for every session each day.


Where is Pixar Putt?


Bankwest Stadium Precinct

(outside stadium, exterior of Gate B)

11 - 13 O’Connell St, Parramatta NSW 2150 

Saturday 26 September – Sunday 31 January, 2020

What time does it open?


Pixar Putt is closed on these days.

(Parramatta location will resume opening seven days from 21 December)



3:00pm – 6:45pm for all ages

7:00pm – 10:00pm 'After Dark’ sessions for players 18+

(Last Entry strictly 8:45pm)


10:00am – 6:45pm for all ages

7:00pm – 10:00pm 'After Dark’ sessions for players 18+

(Last Entry strictly 8:45pm)



10:00am – 8:00pm

(Last Entry strictly 6:45pm)


How do I get there?




(outside stadium, exterior of Gate B)

11-13 O’Connell St, Parramatta NSW 2150

BY CAR: For those who plan to drive, there is no public parking onsite. There are a number of parking stations close to Bankwest Stadium for patrons wanting to park in the area. Check the Bankwest Stadium website for details.

BY TRAIN: The closest station to Bankwest Stadium is Parramatta Station, which is approximately 10 minutes’ walk from the stadium. Alternatively, you catch a train to Westmead Station then head to Bankwest Stadium through Parramatta Park.

BY BUS: Plenty of regular route bus services run to and from Parramatta Interchange which is within 10 minutes’ walking distance of Bankwest Stadium. 

BY FERRY: The closest wharf to Bankwest Stadium is Parramatta Wharf. The stadium is approximately 15 minutes’ walk (1.2km) from Parramatta wharf.

BY TAXI OR UBER: The two closest taxi drop off and pick up points are located at Marist Place near Victoria Rd and Villers St near Victoria Rd. It is a short walk to Bankwest Stadium from each of these drop off points.


What happens when we arrive?

When you arrive, join the physically distanced queue and await your turn to check in at the Pixar Putt entrance ticket booth. There, you will have your tickets scanned and each person will collect a putter and ball - your group will receive a scorecard. From there, you can tee off and experience a “hole” new side to your favourite Pixar movies!


What if I’m running late?

If your tickets are valid for a session up to 1 hour before Last Entry please come along and await your turn to enter the event. However, if you arrive outside of your allocated time there may be delays assigning you a tee time, due to COVIDSafe capacity restrictions.

PLEASE NOTE: If you arrive late for the Final Session of the day, the course is unable to stay later than our approved opening times, so you may need to be re-allocated to a different day.


How long does the experience last?

9 holes usually takes around 45-60 minutes for a group of 4 people.

18 holes takes around 1.5 - 2 hours for a group of 4 people.

PLEASE NOTE: During busy periods, particularly weekends and evenings, there could be delays and it may take longer to play Pixar Putt.

How many people are required for a team?

Pixar Putt can be played by teams of 4 people or less, as is custom for mini-golf. And a minimum of 2 people is required to play. If you wish to book a larger group size, you are welcome to do so, but the entire group still needs to split into smaller teams of 4 people or less.


Each team of 2, 3 or 4 people plays one hole at a time. Once the hole is complete, they move to the next hole as a team, maintaining their physical distance between themselves and teams in front and behind them.


Is it accessible?

Due to Pixar Putt being a pop-up mini-golf experience with space restrictions and where some of the terrain is uneven, this event is not wheelchair accessible at these locations.


What happens to play in times of extreme weather?

Play will continue and we'd encourage you to wear weather-suitable clothing. However, tickets to any sessions where you deem it too hot or too wet for your team to play will be valid for the next 7 days. If the course needs to close due to weather extremes, this website front page will be updated.


Please arrange your alternative session date and time through Ticketek by clicking here and they will assist you.


Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets are available from or at the Pixar Putt ticket booth, located on the entrance of the event in Perth and Sydney. Please note ticket purchases at the event are subject to availability due to COVIDSafe capacity limits and are Card Only.


At what age do I need a ticket for my child?

All children over the age of 3 years need a ticket. 


What ages does a Child's Ticket cover?

Child Tickets cover ages 3-14. Players 15 years and older will require an Adult Ticket.


What does a Family Ticket include?

A Family Ticket includes play for either 2 Adults and 2 Children OR 1 Adult and 3



What age group is this experience for?

Pixar Putt is fun for everyone!


Can I bring my child in a pram, stroller or buggy?

Yes, however, some of the terrain is uneven, so please be aware that not every part of the course may be accessible for a pram, stroller or buggy. You are advised to carry valuables with you if you need to leave a pram, stroller or buggy near the entrance at any point as they will not be supervised.


Does this event honour Companion Cards?

Absolutely! Companion Card holders are free to chaperone anyone with a paid ticket. Simply turn up to the course and show your valid Companion Card to our team.


I have purchased the wrong tickets. Can I change them?

Sure. If you have purchased tickets for an incorrect session, or would like to change session, please contact Ticketek before your booked session by clicking here and they will assist you. Please include your current booking date/time as the 'Date of Event' as it will assist Ticketek in processing your session time update request more efficiently.


We’ve booked tickets but one of our group can no longer make it. Can I get a refund?

We are unable to offer refunds due to change of mind or personal circumstance. If you or one of your group can’t attend, you can invite other friends to take their place – tickets are not name-specific. Unused tickets can only be refunded if a replacement order for a new session is placed (please follow the process described in the question above).


Can I use my ticket multiple times?

Each ticket is valid for a single entry only. However, if you purchase 9 holes and you still want to keep the party going, a 9 hole extension (to a full 18-hole game) will be available for purchase at the ticket booth.